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This is unedited version. Do expect mistakes. XD

[2nd Person Human/Anthro Luna Pony Clopfic]
Helping out Luna pull a Nightmare Night prank is more than just fun. It can lead into a more pleasurable night for a human stallion like yourself. The fun has been doubled! So how many points will you receive?

The ponies in this story are anthropomorphic. They have the body parts of human, but the colors and abilities of a pony. So I will refer to them as mares and stallions.

The cover art was done by the awesome: FoxInShadow

                        *             *               *

    On a chilly Nightmare Night, outside of a massive, wooden entrance to a fortress that built in the middle of the Everfree Forest, you and a large, fairly loud crowd of impatient ponies waited to enter one of Pinkie's greatest parties of the year. It was around nine-thirty or so when all of you arrived in your costumes. You had decided to wear a Wonderbolts outfit that clung onto you, and kept you warm, along with your fur.

You were rather curious to see what everypony else was wearing to this shindig. So you let your eyes roam across the crowd, but they were quickly halted by many of the mares' clothes. One in particular wore a tight leather two-piece. The bottom rode up between her butt, and revealed the sides of her white assets and three-diamond cutie mark. Even with ponies moving in front of your field of vision, you managed to travel up the curves of her white, radiant body to her top where another part of the costume caught your interests. Her bra showed a fair amount of cleavage, and left you in a dazed look.

You could feel a slight growth in between your legs. Of course, it was a natural reaction to this sight. You soon realized that your costume was going to fail in hiding it as you quickly hid behind the closest tree, shut your eyes, and tried to think of anything besides Rarity's bosom. As difficult as that was, she wasn't the only mare dressed up in such a skimpy outfit. Each and every one of them had dressed this way or fashion and you considered the possibility of it being some sexy mistake.

"Sexy mistake?" You chuckled at the thought. "That's ridiculous. They knew exactly what they were doing." Oh yes, they did know, but that was neither here nor there. What mattered was the fact that they all looked unbelievably sexy. It seemed like each mare was challenging the others to see who could attract the most attention, and it was arduous, but rewarding work to decide which one was the most bewitching.

After what seemed like a few minutes had passed, the bell from the clock tower rang in the distance from Ponyville signaling the time to be ten. You looked out from beside your tree, and saw the mistress of bashes appeared out of thin air at the front door. The party-goers started talking quietly as the pink earth pony waited for silence.

Once the crowd's noise had died down, Pinkie Pie, wearing a dress costume made completely out candy, spoke excitedly, "Are you ponies ready for a super duper party?!"

A deafening "YEAAAAHH!" came from the costumed ponies. One overly buff, white monstrosity was the loudest of them all, and had a fist raised in the air. You couldn't help but laugh at his enthusiasm and strangely small head.

The party mistress looked all around with a widening grin as the crowd's "yeah" went away, and said in the same tone as before, "Well, what are you doing out here, silly fillies?" She lifted her leg forward with a curve and then kicked the door behind her. It opened with a loud 'Bang!'. The pink mare then stepped aside, gave a slight bow towards the doorway, and yelled, "The party is inside!"

You watched as the ponies in front of you began to rush in with loud cheers and excited faces. Regardless of how eager as you were, you decided to let them crowd the doorway so you weren't crushed by them. (Also to make sure your arousal had died down.) Once you found the opportunity to go in, you soon followed them. You went through the archway, and finally entered the impressively built structure. As you looked around on the inside, you realized that Pinkie had spared no expense to make this year's party the most extravagant one ever.

Many pieces of Nightmare Night decor were seen hanging among the stacked, wooden walls: spider webs with Black Widows made of fabric and foam, orange and black streamers with Nightmare Moon's insignia cut into them, and plenty of paper cutouts shaped as witches, goblins, and other creepy creatures. In the center of the glazed tables and above you were candle lit Jack-o-lantern pumpkins that emitted a low, creepy light to the surrounding area.

Your eyes roamed to the far left corner of the room and landed on something that made your stomach growl. A huge buffet filled with steaming vegetables and radiant deserts just waiting for you to chow down on them. To the center, surrounded by the tables, was a multicolored dance floor that glowed in the light, and in front of it, a few feet off the ground, was a stage with speakers playing low bass music, a set of instruments, and a DJ's turntable. Finally, on the right side of the stage was a bar with Berry Punch cleaning out a bunch of glasses while staring at a huge rack of alcohol.

Listening to the annoyed sounds of your gut, your first stop was the buffet. It was odd that you didn't even think about how hungry you were until you saw that ever so enticing food. Making a beeline to the steam rising into the air, you grabbed a plate at the beginning of the line that had grown while you were looking around. Your stomach churned some more and you felt somewhat guilty for denying it substance. But with the amount of food your plate with, you were sure it would be fully satisfied.

Once you had gathered all your favorite foods, you sat down at the closest table to buffet (In case you wanted more, of course), and by yourself. It's not that you were antisocial or anything, you just preferred to be alone while you ate. You thought of it as more of a courtesy, because who really wants to watch another pony talk with their mouth full?

So, while you were enjoying some roasted carrots, Pinkie walked up onto the stage with a microphone in her hands and announced, "Welcome, mares and gentlecolts! I would like to thank everypony for coming tonight, and I hope you will have a super, duper, fantastical time!" Another loud cheer burst from the crowd of ponies, and as they calmed down, Pinkie turned around and pointed her finger at the turntables. "Vinyl! You ready?!"

A sudden burst of magic flashed behind the DJ's station, and the white coated, electric blue-maned pony appeared wearing a vampire costume with a sly grin and signature sunglasses on the end of her muzzle. "Let's spin this shit!" She moved her hands across the turntable making the music increase in volume, and created a constant beat of heavy bass and distortion mix dubstep. The music was like a mind control spell and made all the party goers dance their way to the center floor.

The notes seemed to flow through you as well, and caused you to tap your foot in sync with the electronic beats. As tempting as it was to get up and dance with your friends, you still had a lot of grub to finish, so you continued to eat while still moving your foot to the song. Even though the music was a bit too loud for your tastes, you still felt at ease while fully absorbed into an apple pie you began devouring. Damn, Applejack really knows how to..."


The sudden shout of the Royal Canterlot Voice interrupted your thought, and made you cough up a piece of food in your mouth. You stood up in shock causing you to knock your chair over. While bent over, still coughing a bit and tears forming in your eyes, you heard a worried voice beside you, "Art thou' alright? We did not mean to cause thou any harm."

You look to the left and your body stiffens at the sight of a concerned looking Princess Luna staring back at you. Her blue eyes captivated you instantly as they sparkled from the dim lighting of the fortress. Even if you wanted to look anywhere else, there was no escaping captivating glow of them. You weren't really sure how long you were staring, but you noticed that her face changed to even more of an upset look as if she was thinking she had hurt you in some way.

You stood back up while still coughing trying to release a piece of crust. she seemed to relax some as you spoke, "I-I'm sorry Princess. I was still in some shock by your shout." Your voice was a little raspy from coughing, and what you said was true in a way, but it was those eyes that made it difficult to break your trance.

She came up to eye level with you as she too returned to full height with a pleasant smile on her face. Her starry indigo mane flowed all on its own in midair while you took a look at her garbs. It was just some brown, scratchy looking cloak. It was strange to see her dressed like that. Why wasn't she wearing her usual black armor plate, and glass shoes? The thought soon escaped you when she flipped her hood over head as she noticed that you were looking at her clothes.

Her smile turned into a wicked grin as she answered your unspoken question, "We are incognito, you see. When Twilight Sparkle taught us about scaring ponies for fun last Nightmare Night, we thought that this year we could scare everypony tonight with a surprise arrival of Nightmare Moon!" She looked at you with a raised eyebrow. "Would you like to join us?"

The excitement in her voice showed you that she fully prepared to pull this prank of hers, but you were curious as to why out of all the ponies at the party did she choose you to do this? You didn't worry about it too much, besides the idea of scaring all your friends sounded like a truly wicked idea.

So returned her grin and said, "I would love to join you."

She clapped her hands excitedly, and then whispered the plan on how she was going to make everypony jump out of their fur. The whole idea was getting better and better as she went on, and you resisted as much as you could from laughing at how perfect concocted it was. After she was done explaining, she gave you a suggestive wink, and disappeared instantly with a burst of magic. You looked around to see if anypony had saw as soon as you realized that they were all completely lost in the music, you then slowly crept out the door you came in with an evil grin.

*    *    *

Change to 3rd person

*    *    *

Pinkie was watching everypony with a wide grin. She was also part of this plan Luna had devised, and was in place for when it all went down. The music continued to pound her eardrums making it abnormally difficult for her to resist joining her friends in the crowd of dancing ponies, but she made a Pinkie Promise to help Luna, and of course, she never breaks one of those. So she did exactly what the Princess of the Night instructed her to do. The moment a big gust of wind swept through the party area taking out all the lanterns, Pinkie Pie unplugged all the power cords connecting to the stage and just popped back into the crowd like she had been there the whole time.

The whole inside of the structured was completely covered in darkness as clouds swirled in a tornado fashion with lightning shooting out of them. The sound of thunder and shrieks of frighten ponies filled the air. Nightmare Moon in her full armor of silhouette darkness soon came floating out towards the center. The party goers soon realized that this prank was just like last year when Luna had scared them with the same get-up, and slow build up of a nervous laughs came from them.

  "WHY DO THY PONIES NOT FEAR US?! DOST THOU NOT KNOW WHO WE ARE?!" The so called fake Nightmare Moon shouted angrily.

  Twilight waved a hand nonchalantly. "You've done this prank before Luna. We already know it's you."


  The Royal Canterlot Voice came from the far left side of the structure. Where Luna soon came flying in from wearing her armor and glaring angrily at the cocky grinned Nightmare Queen.

  Everypony that was laughing, now had look of sheer terror on their face, and soon began running towards the exit, except for Twilight and her friends. They were ready to fight alongside Princess Luna, but the alicorn of the night in the midst dodging flashes of high speed spells wouldn't have it. "You need to get the Elements of Harmony and quickly. It is the only way to defeat her."

  They nodded towards each other and raced to the outside of the fortress, but Twilight was being bugged with a question and stood still. "Luna, how did this even... "

  "We don't have time to answer that!" Luna yelled, dodging an incoming red flash. "You need to leave now!"

  Twilight grudgingly followed her friends.

  Nightmare Moon saw this and flew at the Elements like a bullet. she soon began to inch closer towards Twilight as she ran, until Luna came in and tackled her. It scared the mess out of Twilight and made her stop in her tracks and stared at the struggling princesses under the table.
  Luna turned her head and shouted, "What are thou doing!? Hurry up! We cannot hold her for long!"

  All Twilight could do was nod, and made her way out as fast as she could. Once she left and all the screams of the ponies were no longer audible, the two fighting mares stopped and started rolling in a fit of laughter. They had just pulled off one of the biggest pranks in Equestrian history, and they couldn't be happier by the results.

*    *    *

   The whole prank was not only Luna's idea, but Celestia was her partner in crime. She had been waiting for you outside the structure in the Everfree Forest, ready to cloak you in an illusion spell to make you look and sound like the Princess of the Night, herself. Once she had finished with her spell, the alicorn gave you a devious smile and flew off towards Ponyville to await the arrival of the frighten ponies. "Who knew the Princesses were such pranksters?" You shook your head amusingly at the thought as you got into position on the far left side of the fortress, and awaited the arrival of Nightmare Moon.

   After it all went down, you and the fake Nightmare Moon were practically in tears, at this point, with laughter. You were still in disbelief by what had transpired, and the thought that you helped Luna perform this, as some would think, cruel joke on the ponies was surreal. But besides that, you were enjoying your time with her. Once you two calmed from your laughter, you wiped away a tear while gasping for air. "That... was a great performance Princesses, " You said as respectfully as you could while looking at her the bottom of the table.

"Please, there is no need for thou to speak to us in such a humble fashion." Luna stated, rolling over to face you and gave you a gentle smile. "You may call me Luna, fair... uh"

You chuckled, told her your name, and said, "I shall do so."

She giggled. "Good." Her eyes strayed down your form.

"Ummm, Luna why are you looking at me like that?" You ask awkwardly.

"We notice thou are still in my sister's illusion spell." She chuckled. "Let us release you from it."

   Her horn glowed a dark blue, she leaned in, and tapped you on the head. You felt a slight tingle up your body as you returned to your original features.

"Uhh... well thank you," You said with a sheepish smile. "So what do we do now? Should we go back Ponyville and tell them it was a prank"

She shook her head with a smile. "That won't be necessary. Our sister will be there... to tell... them." The alicorn turned away from you and started coughing some at the end.

"You alright, Ms. Luna?" you inquired in a concerned tone.

"Yes, we are quite alright, but my mouth is a bit dry." She coughed some more, and slowly continued in raspy voice, "It's been awhile since we've used the Royal Canterlot Voice, so it puts a slight strain our voice."

"I see. Well would you like for me to fetch you a glass of water?" You offered.

A sly smile appeared on her face. "Yes, we would greatly appreciate it"

   The look confused you for second, but you shrugged it off and obliged her. You slid out from under the table and walked over to the bar while stepping over the trash the everypony left on the ground. It's not like they had much of choice in the matter. They were scared out of their minds. You chuckled some as the memory of their frightened looks flashed in your mind.

   Once you were behind the bar, you pulled out a glass from the below the counter and filled it with water in the sink behind you. As you did this, you thought that it was mildly impressive that Pinkie managed to even get running water out here, but knowing the pink mare, it didn't surprise you.

   You turned around and saw the Princess was standing while brushing her clothes off with her hands. She had returned to her normal figure. You wondered why she was still wearing those garments. It wasn't necessary to keep them on now, considering it was only you and her in here, but that was the least of your concerns. There was some thing about this whole situation made you feel rather odd.

   Luna gratefully took the glass from your stretched out hands, when you were close enough, and sipped some little by little. She had hood off so her mane continued to float in mid-air. You take a mental note that even in that ragged hoodie, she still looked as beautiful than ever. The sparkling of her mane in the moonlight, and how her fur glistened from the candle lighting of the Jack-o-Lanterns. Rarity's body had a natural hypnotizing form, but the Princess of the Night had a certain  presence that would leave anyone drooling for days.

"Art thou alright?" Luna said with her head turned sideways.

   You had been staring at her a little longer than it would deem appropriate, and your mouth was hanging open a bit with a small saliva hanging on the edge your lip. The Princess's voice brought you out of your dazed look, and you weren't sure, but you could've sworn she slipped another sly smile at you.

   With a sheepish smile, you said, "Yes, I am fine. I was just uh... curious. What made you choose me to help you with that prank? You could've picked a more capable..."

   You were silenced by one of Luna's long fingers. She only shook her head while expressionless and said, "Thou shouldn't question our methods, human." Her face went into another smile. "Besides, didn't thou have fun with it?"

Silently, you nodded.

She removed her finger from your mouth and stated, "Indeed, but to answer thou's earlier question. We shall be riding to my castle's chamber in Canterlot for thou's gift."

Your eyes widened. "M-my gift?"

"Yes," She answered with the same sly smile from earlier. "Thou didn't have to help me for we do not force my subjects to do anything they don't want to, but thou did, so in return. We will provide a gift."

"Oh, well thank you Luna, but you don't have to give me anything. I was glad I could assist you with it." You said with a grin.

She then walked in front of you and looked straight into you eyes with her sparkling indigo retinas. "Awww but we insist. It's the least we could do for thou's service."

   You weren't sure exactly but you could've sworn that her voice had lustful tone to it and her eyes were gleaming with desire. It made you gulp silently because you thought legs were going to collapse under you.

"I... Uh... well if you insist," you stuttered.

The Princess of the Night then turned around and walked towards the back exit. "Follow us to our carriage."

  You obediently followed her while you were shaking some. "What could she have in store for me?" You thought excitedly.

  Once you two made it out of the fortress, she lead you deeper into the forest. It took a good few minutes before you arrived at her transportation. It was same dark carriage she had last year with two of her avian guards waiting on her. They gave you and Luna expressionless nod while you both settled in on the carriage. With a quick order from the alicorn, the guards pulled with all their might and speed off into the air.

  Luna giggled some when she saw you grab the side rails from being jerked by the sudden rise. The wind rushed past your ears making a loud whooshing sound, and your hair flapped uncontrollably. You eased yourself back up and stood next Luna. She was fairly silent through the whole ride, besides the moment you complimented her on how big and beautiful the moon looked tonight.

   She blushed. "Thank you," She said keeping her voice level but loud enough to hear over the wind. "We bring the moon a little closer to Equestria on Nightmare Night, so the light will be bright enough for the young ones to see while they gather candy."

  You thought about how nice that was of her, but you soon realized something and laughed. "Is that more for you or for them, because I know where most of their candy goes afterwards," You teased.

  She looked as if she almost offended by your statement and huffed, "We do not resort to such trickery. We just follow the traditions of Nightmare Night."

  Your eyes spotted a massive bag of candy in right corner of the carriage, and you shook head with a grin. "Uh huh, I'm sure you do."

  Luna noticed the sarcasm in your voice and huffed at you once more.

  You chuckled at her response, and your eyes shifted to see the Canterlot coming close in the distance. There was heavy pounding inside your chest as your excitement grew with each foot that closed in on Luna's tower. Receiving a royal gift from the Princess of the Night was true a honor, and even if it's a simple trinket of some kind, you would cherish it forever.

   Shortly, the two stallions pulled up a few over the balcony of the tower, and Luna and you easily walked off the chariot onto the platform. She walked out in front of you to the entrance and waved her hand signaling to follow. "Huh, why doesn't she get it while I wait outside." You thought, but quickly shrugged it off walked to her and entered the chamber. What you saw inside didn't really surprise you how she decorated it.

    Nightmare Night decorations hung all around the room, like the ones at Pinkie Pie's party, except the glowing jack-o-lanterns floated around the room in a circle.

   Luna walked out in front of you and pointed her bed and plainly said, "Wait for us on the bed, and we will be right out with your gift." She then walked into a room to left side of the chamber and shut the door behind her.

    You stood there, mildly confused. "Wait on the bed? Why would she... " It was a bizarre request to be true, but from the sultry way she said the last word told you that your fun for the night was about to be doubled. So you quickly did what you were told.

   You crawled over the sheets, laid your back against the headboard, and waited for Luna to return. Time itself seemed to have slowed down while you "patiently" waited. The alicorn wouldn't have brought you all the way here for some item wrapped in paper for you. No, she had a much more pleasing gift in mind, and you were more than willing accept it. At least, you hoped it was what you were thinking, if not, no harm done, right?

   There was slight tightening in your costume. You looked down noticed that your manhood was growing again from the mere thought of having sex with Luna. In near panic, you try to cover  it up with one of the pillows beside you, but...

   "Why is thou trying to hide that from us?"

   The liquid, soothing voice of the princess came from nowhere. You looked around the room trying to see where she was but there was sign of her. Until, she slowly hovered downward while laying sideways with sultry look in her eyes and glowing pumpkin in her hands. She landed softly in the middle of the bed, and what she had on proved your theory from earlier.

  She was wearing a thin, laced stringed bra that connected to a black necklace around her neck. The covers over breasts were almost too small for them and you could see a nipple poking over the edge. Your eyes then roamed down the rest of her body to where she pulled a thong up between her legs revealing her black spotted, moon shaped cutie mark. Your member was throbbing at this point, and took every ounce of energy to resist from jumping her right there.

  "We can tell thou is happy with this surprise, yes?"

    The nod was enough of an answer for her. She threw the pumpkin into the air and it continued it's dance around the room with the others while Luna crawled seductively over your body. Her eyes soon met yours with her arms on both sides of you. They glistened in the candlelight of the floating orbs as she leaned in and made contact with your lips. As soft as they were, nothing could beat the strong taste of blueberry mint chapstick on them. You both moan with pleasure as your tongues rubbed against each other. She soon became more aggressive with her movements as she forced her tongue inside your mouth and rubbed it against your canines. The shiver from this movement meant she enjoyed the sharp edges of them, and she continued to travel her tongue across your teeth.

  You then raised a hand behind her neck, and released the clip of the black necklace that let the Princess's breasts free from their prison. With them fully exposed, you began message them gently successfully earning a pleasurable moan from the alicorn. You couldn't see them but they felt so soft, velvety that it was hard not to stop caressing them. After some time, you edge your fingers to the tip of them and pinch the nipples some, making her stiffen from this unexpected action. Her reaction to it was a signal of her enjoyment, so you managed to message and pinch her breasts while she continued to moan by your actions.

  During this make-out session, Luna was dragging down the zipper of your Wonderbolts costume over your boxers that had a fairly large bulge begging to be set free. You pulled your arms out of the costume and lifted yourself up so the princess could take the suit off of you. Once it was removed, she dug her velvety hand inside your undergarments, wrapped her fingers around your member receiving a pleased gasp from you, and began to move her hand up and down. Her hand was so slick that she easily made her movements without any skin sticking to it. Your manhood was at its limit, and her actions felt beyond pleasurable that you could barely concentrate on the kiss.

  But once you felt a bit of pain in your lungs, you tapped her lightly on the shoulder. She received the message, and released the lock between your lips as a string of saliva still connected you two while breathing heavily. Her eyes half lidded and with a seductive smile on her face, she continued to pleasure you with her hand.

  "Hmmm, thine pillar is larger than we thought," She said with silky tone. "This pleases us." A wicked smile eased across her face as she released a hand from your member, rotates around, and lets her butt glide over your head. You could see from the wetness of her orange thong, and the deep scent in the air that she was completely aroused.

  You couldn't see, due to Luna's butt, but you felt the alicorn take off your boxers and a cold chill run across you member. It wasn't enough to discourage your arousal, but it still wasn't a pleasant feeling. Gratefully, a warm, wet sponge feeling covered your manhood. Luna was sliding her tongue down to your groin, sucked on your jewels some, and made her way back up your shaft. You groaned as you felt it was pushing you to your limit, but you held on, letting Luna take her time with her meal.

  She stopped suddenly, turned around to face you, and with a sultry tone said, "Enjoyable as this is we do ask for a simple request."
  Showing her that she had your attention, you nodded lamely.

  "Please, do tend to the royal lips. It has been a while since they've been touch by another."

  You smiled. "As you wish, my lady."

  Satisfied with your answer, you groan as she went back to your extended manhood taking in it all the way to the back of her throat.

   Your mind clouded pleasure, but still somewhat functional. You managed to lift yourself up to her luscious hindquarters, and pulled her thong to the side some to reveal her puffy marehood. Her arousal was intoxicating and it took everything you had from diving in, but you eased your tongue inside earning a gruff groan from the princess. Expertly, you rotated your tongue all along the folds of her pink, velvety flesh. Her juices covered your face and slowly dripped down from your face. Remembering from earlier that she seemed to love your teeth, so you lightly bite edges of her folds.

    In response, Luna increased her speed on your member and pushed rear further into your face. Bobbing her head on it and licking the tip on every other trip to the top, She was practically winning you over in this tug of war making it hard to concentrate on her needs, but you fought back by licking and nibbling her marehood faster receiving a pleased shiver from her on each one.

    You leisurely slithered your tongue down to the bottom where you find her bulb waiting for you. With the tip of your tongue, you licked it gently with her muffled moans growing louder in volume and her body shaking. You knew it was only one simple action to finish her, and the way she was working your member, your release wasn't far off either.
  With one nibble of her clit, her body shook like an earthquake as her cum poured out of her and flowed down your neck. She looked like she was ready to collapse, but with a little strength left, she continued take in your pillar, and with an easy, pleasurable lick of your tip, you released. You felt the liquid landed just bit below your belly, and you assumed by how close Luna was to it, on her face.

  You twitch some as you felt her warm tongue touch your skin. She then lifted your slowly softening member up as she slid her tongue all along your crotch to your base. What was once your shrinking manhood only reverted itself as she softly brought her mouth muscle up to your tip. It may have been a while since her last sexual encounter, but it was apparent that Luna knew what she was doing.

  She spun her around to face you, licked the last of your release painfully slow off her face, and grinned. "Thou is full of surprises for us. Thou not only exceeds our expectation in length, but also recovers quickly."

  Luna rotates around again to where her face was just above yours. There was a look of lust and desire in her eye as she rubbed her wet slit seeping through her thong against your continuously growing manhood. Once she felt the full extent of your gerth against her, Luna reached a hand in between your bodies, pulled aside her thong, and aimed your penis right outside her entrance. She leaned backwards and a warm liquid leaked down your shaft as it slowly entered her. The "Ah!" she released was cute and filled with lust. Her walls constricted around you after every inch forward into her depths.

   After fully engorged by your painfully hard member, the alicorn goes perpendicular to your body, and with arm behind her head while biting her lip, she lifts up to where your tip barely outside her lips. Then she closes in on it again receiving another successful "Ah!" from her. Her legs buckled and she almost fell on top of you, but she was able to catch herself with her hands on each side of your body. Surprisingly, Luna continued ride you without missing a beat.

  She consistently moved up and down your aching pillar. The alicorn hadn't cum yet, but her liquid constantly drained down between your legs. As pleasurable as it was, you desired a much more aggressive movement if you wanted finish both of you off properly.

  She gasped by your unexpected grabbed of both her cheeks, and sped her movements on top you. When she came down on you, you met her halfway up pounding your shaft inside her. The rough motions was causing Luna's breasts to bounced freely, her moaning reverberated of the walls, and her inner held onto your shaft.  You soon noticed that the room around you seemed to grow brighter. The sudden change in light made you look up at Luna. The tip of her horn was glowing dark blue and would increase intensity as you continued your ecstasy filled motions. You were in a trance by the strange luminescence, and were acutely aware that she was not doing it on purpose.
   Then there was sudden explosion of orange flashed across the room. You tilted your head up more to see what done this, and above you were the pumpkins now rotating faster around the room like they were performing some kind of ritual. Unable to fully concentrate on them due to Luna leaning into you, rubbed her silky bosom against your chest until she reached your neck and nibbled on it. You responded with a heavy shiver, and completely lost any thought of the dancing pumpkins as you continued your interactions with the princess.

   Soon enough, however, there was another orange glow that radiates around the room. You shoved yourself inside her again and a loud moan escaped her throat just as another shot orange burst across the room. Her liquid was profusely flowing from her now, and increase in volume of her moan told you her orgasm was coming soon. You increased your pace inside her tight marehood, and on cue a bright orange flash radiated. This happened continuously after every shove insider her, and it wasn't long until only one pumpkin was left as it floated into the middle above to the middle of the bed. As you felt the same built pressure returning from before, you stopped moving and prepared to pull out.

   She quickly responded with a lick up to your ear whispered somewhat exasperated, "Noooo, we want thou to finish inside us."

   You were a bit shocked by this, but did as you were told and with a final push deep into her cavity, You groaned as your seed fill up her inside. Luna caved in as she continued to ride you with your two liquids mixing together. She soon collapsed on top of you that slightly knocked the wind out your lungs. The final jack-o-lantern exploded above you, and it light shined the brightest out of the others as it slowly disappeared.

   Your heavy breathing mixed in with the alicorn's as she barely edged a finger across your body.  Her silky furred chest rose and sunk against you. It was rather chilly inside her room, but with the lovely, satisfied princess laid on you she kept warm from the harmful temperatures.
   She lifted herself off you and gave you a slightly worried look. "We do apologize for the rough landing for we have not came that hard in a century"

   "It is alright Luna. I can handle a good beating every once in while," You said with a reassuring smile.

   A wicked smile grew on her face. "Oh really? Well thou will have to join us for experimental gift next time."

   "Yo-you want to this again?"

   "Why yes, of course! We would love that very much."

   "I would to," You said with a grin.

   She then got off of you and made herself comfortable by getting undercovers with her pushing her back against you. A hand latched onto yours and pulled you up over side to her breasts.

   "Good," She said satisfactorily. "Would thou mind to to message these again. It was truly a wonderful feeling from before."

   You obliged her and massaged them for as long as you could keep your eyes open. Her cute moans helped you resist the temptation of sleep, but wasn't long before the two of fell blissfully into it's dark abyss.
I wrote this with some help from my good friend ReaperofSouls42

It has not been edited or pre-read by anyone else yet, so if you caught any mistakes, that's why

This is just preview of what else we will have in store for some of our future stories. :D
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iloveprincessluna Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
i wish i could do that
ABronyLife42 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Indeed. XD
iloveprincessluna Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
well yeah as u can see by my username lol
TheMassawassa Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Hey ABronyLife42, I already said i love your story, but yeah, reading it again is even more awesome xD.

Keep on doing what you're doing and Brony On /)
ABronyLife42 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I appreciate that man. I thank you so much for reading, and your compliments will keep me working on new stories. :3
reaperofsouls18 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Bronysith Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
wonderful....i shall be right back...>_> <_<
SoulDragonWithFlow Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
now thats wonderful!!!
something wiked this way cums you should have called it ;)
ABronyLife42 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh the pun. :3 Yes, I would have called it that but I left it to the reader's imagination. lol
So what is your critique of this?
SoulDragonWithFlow Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Difficult since it is unfinished (i spotted several mistakes)but if you want it:

First of all, the second person in this works well, however, such a technique means you have to switch to 3rd half way through for obvious reasons, which, I really am NOT a fan of. It just ruins the mood in my opinion and throws the reader back into reality.
Second, I liked the exploding lantern idea. They didn’t exactly add sexual tension, but it did show imagination, so thumbs up for that!! Taking the idea one further, maybe for a future story, you could describe the moon changing colour with her magic as she has her fun? Just an idea.
Next, I can’t help but feel if i was in such a situation, I would at some point have taken those orange panties off her, as well as the fact I wouldn’t have laid on the bed, but rather sat on the edge until my suspicions were properly confirmed. This is royalty after all, and one would not want to be embarrassed by assumptions.
Also, toward the end of "lesson zero", Luna begins to talk normally, although I can understand why you kept the old script in order to better emphasise her royalty and character.
Overall, well written, and very enjoyable, although you really need to go through some of the grammar and wording in it, as there are several mistakes I found, (I know this is to be expected).
ABronyLife42 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hmmm a very reasonable critique. I will be doing full edit some time this week. I felt like sharing this on here to see what some people thought of it. If you don't mind doing this for many of my future fics, I would appreciate that a lot. :D
SoulDragonWithFlow Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Whenever I get the time, sure!! I would be happy to do that! :)
ABronyLife42 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome! Though you notice I don't release stories very often so you won't be bothered too much. XD
SoulDragonWithFlow Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
may I ask, are you planning to continue your story with Octavia?
ABronyLife42 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh I am. This was just some thing I've wanted to do for a while. I am halfway through the next chapter of A Binding Symphony. :)
barcod Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
hey may I ask where I can find the artists of that picture?
ABronyLife42 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Here ya go. :D
barcod Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
thanks XD
ABronyLife42 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
No problem. :D
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